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Case Study


Founded in 1997, InverCap is Mexico's fastest growing and leading independent private Social Security Trust Administrator (AFORE). Through a series of transactions led by Indigo Capital's team, InverCap grew from US$180 million in assets under management (AUM) to approximately US$10 billion currently. Today the Company has more than 1.9 million accounts and presence in 79 cities.


Indigo Capital facilitates launching of new AFORE

Indigo Capital works with InverCap's founder to secure the capital necessary to qualify for and launch InverCap's new AFORE and leads InverCap's first institutional capital raise of US$47 million.


Indigo Capital invests in follow-on financing

InverCap reaches close to US$1 billion in AUM.

Indigo Capital and co-investors invest in a follow-on US$120 million financing to fund expansion of the company's growing salesforce, which, coupled with InverCap's leading position in fund performance rankings, enables the company to further accelerate growth.


Indigo Capital facilitates exit capital for original investors

Indigo Capital executes a US$328 million transaction led by Advent International, in which Indigo Capital-lead vehicle co-invest US$31 million. The transaction provides an excellent exit opportunity for investors who came in 2004 and 2007.


Indigo Capital invests in InverCap

InverCap reaches close to US$10 billion in AUM.

Indigo Capital's fourth Fund invests in InverCap, alongside a US$170 million investment from Advent International.

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